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Military / UG to Connectors and Adapters

M23329/4-01 RFT-1202-2 UG-146A/U RFN-1035-1 UG-27A/U RFN-1012-1 UG-57B/U RFN-1014-1
M23329/4-03 RFT-1202-2B UG-175/U RFU-530 UG-27B/U RFN-1012-1 UG-58A/U RFN-1021
M23329/4-05 RFT-1203-1 UG-175/U RFU-530-S UG-27B/U RFN-1012-1 UG-58A/U RFN-1021-1
MS39012/32-00001 RFT-1227 UG-176/U RFU-531 UG-27C/U RFN-1012-1 UG-603/U RFN-1904-1N
MS39012/34-00001 RFT-1226 UG-176/U RFU-531-1 UG-27D/U RFN-1012-1 UG-603/U RFN-1904-1S
MS39012/35-00001 RFT-1228 UG-176/U RFU-531-S UG-28A/U RFN-1011-1 UG-603A/U RFN-1904-1N
PL-258 RFU-536 UG-1785/U RFB-1106-2 UG-290/U RFB-1115-S UG-603A/U RFN-1904-1S
PL-259 RFU-500 UG-1785/U RFB-1106-2ST UG-290A/U RFB-1115 UG-606/U RFN-1023-5
PL-259 RFU-501 UG-1785/U RFB-1106-2T UG-290A/U RFB-1115-S UG-646/U RFU-532
PL-259 RFU-503 UG-1789/U RFB-1107-2 UG-29B/U RFN-1013-1 UG-680/U RFN-1022-1
PL-259 RFU-504 UG-1812/U RFN-1110-S UG-29D/U RFN-1013-1 UG-680A/U RFN-1022-1
PL-274 RFU-537 UG-2014A/U RFN-1037-1 UG-30/U RFN-1023 UG-83/U RFN-1036-1
SO-239 RFU-521 UG-201A/U RFN-1037-1 UG-301/U RFN-1034-1 UG-83B/U RFN-1036-1
SO-239 RFU-521-ST UG-21B/U RFN-1002-1N UG-306/U
RFB-1132 UG-88/U RFB-1100-1ST
SO-239-2H RFU-522 UG-21B/U RFN-1002-1S UG-306A/U RFB-1132 UG-88C/U RFB-1100-1ST
SO-239-FM RFU-523 UG-21E/U RFN-1002-1N UG-306B/U RFB-1132 UG-88D/U RFB-1100-1
SO-239-FM RFU-523-T UG-21E/U RFN-1002-1S UG-30C/U RFN-1023 UG-88D/U RFB-1100-1ST
SO-239-RM RFU-524 UG-21G/U RFN-1002-1N UG-30D/U RFN-1023 UG-88E/U RFB-1100-1ST
SO-239-SH RFU-523 UG-21G/U RFN-1002-1S UG-30E/U RFN-1023 UG-89/U RFB-1119
UG-1034/U RFN-1040-1 UG-23D/U RFN-1024-1 UG-349B/U RFN-1038-1 UG-89/U RFB-1121
UG-107B/U RFN-1010-1 UG-23F/U RFN-1024-1 UG-349B/U RFN-1039-1 UG-89B/U RFB-1119
UG-1094/U RFB-1116 UG-255A/U RFB-1136 UG-363/U RFU-537 UG-89C/U RFB-1119
UG-1094/U RFB-1116-NG UG-260D/U RFB-1105 UG-491/U RFB-1133 UG-913/U RFB-1110-S
UG-1094/U RFB-1116-SG UG-261C/U RFB-1720 UG-491A/U RFB-1133 UG-913A/U RFB-1110-S
UG-109A/U RFB-1116 UG-273/U RFB-1137 UG-491B/U RFB-1133 UG-914/U RFB-1134
UG-1185/U RFN-1002-1N UG-274B/U RFB-1130 UG-492/U RFB-1135 UG-959A/U RFB-1101-1EN
UG-1185A/U RFN-1002-1N UG-274B/U RFB-1130-1 UG-492/U RFB-1135-T    
UG-1186A/U RFN-1024-1 UG-274C/U RFB-1130 UG-492D/U RFB-1135    
UG-146/U RFN-1035-1 UG-274C/U RFB-1130-1 UG-492D/U RFB-1135-T    

Plating and material may differ from Military Specification connector.